Project Info

P1SIM is a 3d simulation game with a focus on logistics. The game is meant for players who set no great store by high-end photorealistic graphics, but enjoy simple clean graphics that enable transparent clear logistical movements and structures.

The name 'P1SIM' means 'Project 1 Simulation', since it is my first big software project and - well - it's a simulation. It is a one-man project and thus it quite takes some time.

The initial game concept was presented in 2009. In 2012 the concept was recreated from scratch. In the following years a top-down view 2d-version of P1SIM was coded which was cancelled due to the heavy gameplay restriction a top-down view has. In 2020 P1SIM was restarted. This time with real 3d graphics in mind. The concept was refreshed to fit to the new graphics style and possibilities.

The game will be coded using 'unity' engine and will probably be released over 'Steam' platform. The 3d concept graphics as well as the game graphics itself are drawn using 'SketchUp'. (Mentioned trademarks belong to their corresponding owner, see link)


The final price will probably be ~20 EUR/USD. During early access the price will probably be ~15 EUR/USD.

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