Planned Features

Keep in mind that the game is still in development phase!


  • Very clean and simple 3d graphics
  • Fluent transition between day and night
  • Dynamic vehicle lights (i.e. headlights, rear lights, brake lights, turning lights)
  • Stepless zooming
  • Special effects like smoke, fire and explosions

Map & Terrain

  • Randomly generated unlimited maps
  • Height dependent ground types (deep water, shallow water, beach, grass, soil, rock, snow)
  • Randomly generated ressources
  • Trees & Bushes


  • Visible citizens and cars
  • Each citizen is associated with one flat and one workplace
  • Citizens buy goods in supermarkets
  • Citizens visit other citizens
  • Fire departments, Police departments, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Factories, Building yards
  • Cities (always AI controlled) decide themselves when and where to build new apartment buildings

Traffic & Logistics

  • Road crossings with direction lanes & traffic lights
  • Optional one-way roads
  • Train Stations, Bus Stations, Harbors, Airports
  • Parking spaces parallel to roads or on dedicated areas
  • 3 different road speeds depending on road type (2-lanes low speed road, 4-lanes high speed road, 6-lanes motorway)
  • Fast cars overtake slow cars
  • Several transport routes (walkways, roads, tracks, airways, waterways)
  • Passenger transport (by foot, by taxi, by car, by bus, by train, by ship, by plane)
  • Standardized cargo types (containers, pallets, piece goods, bulk goods)
  • One container consits of two paletts. One palett consists of 8 piece goods.
  • One bulk container can carry up to 16 bulk goods.
  • Intra-logistics support through forklifts, conveyors, employees & internal train freight stations
  • One specific radius for each road type
  • 8 different radii for track curves
  • Helix-curves to raise track by one tile using a 270 degree curve
  • Seemingly plausible road/track slopes (10 tiles per height step)
  • Warehouses for temporary storage
  • Container bridges to transfer containers from ships/trains to trucks or from trucks to container storage
  • Airports with seemingly realistic dimensions
  • Intra-Airport logistics regarding passengers and passenger luggage
  • No hidden vehicle characteristcs (i.e. no vehicle reliabilty/staff differences) to avoid micro management
  • Train shunting & rail sidings
  • Individual routing rules at decision points (signals, switches, station platforms), i.e. priority rules


  • Module-based construction
  • Multiple modules can be grouped and saved as new module
  • Multiple modules can be copy & pasted.
  • Multi-level construction of walkways, roads & tracks (up to 4 tiles above ground)
  • Construction always takes time. No sudden construction.
  • Construction vehicles find their way from building yards to construction sites
  • Construction sites consume complete containers for each building element
  • Earth works require one multiple trucks for moving the earth masses.
  • Earth works require source and destination for each "soil element".


  • No one time costs. Only running costs.
  • Clear production chain logic: raw material extraction → semi-finished goods production → consumer goods production → sale in shops → consume at home
  • Each raw material/semi-finished good/consumer good is available in 8 colors
  • Each raw material/semi-finished good/consumer good of one color is available in 8 variants ❖ ✚ ★ ♯ ✱ ▶ ■ ⊕
  • Thus there are 64 different raw materials, 64 different semi-finished goods, 64 different consumer goods
  • Goods need to be bought by the transport company and sold to the using facility (factory, shop, warehouse)
  • Goods price is calculated automatically including transport costs
  • Transport costs and transport prices are calculated automatically
  • Factories and shops prefer cheap goods.
  • Warehouses only buy goods if the warehouse owner (a certain player) accepts buying specific goods
  • Every object is a profit center. Loss-maker vehicles can easily be determined, even in complex logistic chains.
  • Open-cast mining regarding raw materials


  • Up to 64 players on the same map
  • Every player leads one transport company
  • Multiple companies can form a group
  • Optional infrastructure sharing with associated usage fees

Potential Mod Features

The game can be enhanced using community mods

  • More trains, trucks, buses, planes, citizen & other game objects
  • More logistic modules like more complex road intersections, further track switches and so on
  • More decisions at relevant logistical positions (at switches/stations/...)

Out of Scope

Features, that are not planned at the moment

  • Mail transport
  • Garbage transport
  • Diagonal walkways/roads/tracks/airways/seaways

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