What is it about?

P1SIM is a 3d simulation game that focuses on logistics.

Who is behind it?

It's me, Thomas. I am the only one working on this project.

When will it be released?

I don't know. I guess it will take a few more years. Or a bit more.

What's the philosophy behind the project?

Unlimited Game Experience

There is no final goal. You cannot 'win' a game in P1SIM. There is only the relative goal to be better than your competitors in all economical fields.

Fun is superior to Realism

As much realism as necessary and as little as possible. The game simulates reality as much as necessary but simplifies a lot to stay enjoyable.

No unnecessary Micromanagement

There is no vehicle reliabilty. No staff differences. The micro management level concentrates on relevant logistical decisions.

Logistics is more than Transportation

P1SIM proves that cargo handling and storage can be fun, too. Furthermore the game integrates relevant aspects of modern supply chain management.

Cleanliness helps to focus on the Essential

Everything, starting from clean game graphics over intuitive graphical user interface up to well structured and meaningful reports leads to comfortable gameplay.

Only visible Features are Fun

P1SIM concentrates on visible features, since - when you ask me - these are the only ones which are fun.

Logic leads to intuitive Handling

Everything makes sense. For example, a 300 meter train does not fit into a 50 meter service depot but on a 300 meter siding.

Transparency enables Decision-Making

The user can display all figures and charts he ever dreamed of when playing a similar game. This way the user exactly knows all cost drivers and is able to optimize them.

The Game has to stay challenging

While some games get very easy as soon as you have purchased the first few vehicles and have them running, P1SIM follows another concept: Nearly everything is associated with relevant running expenses instead of one-time costs.

Standardization keeps the Game simple

P1SIM is a very complex game, but still easy and intuitive due to consequent standardization.

Bustling Sceneries

Thousands of objects moving around make the game interesting even when not doing anything beside watching.

Protection of Multiplayer Matches

P1SIM tries to make cheating as hard as possible due to its client-server-architecture and frequent data plausibilization.

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