Version 2014-02-17T19-56-04

  • Added: Optional high quality zoom (compare screenshots)
  • Added: location dependend ambient sounds (wind, ocean, shore sounds)
  • Added: time dependent ambient sounds (birds, grills, silence, wind)
  • Added: Flipable modules (because sometimes rotating is not enough)
  • Added: Option to remove single unblocked tiles from modules
  • Added: Time dependent vehicle lights with individual switch-on times
  • Changed: Improved auto-recognition of 1-lane, 2-lane, 3-lane… modules

2014-02-17T19-57-46 2014-02-17T19-57-38



Version 2014-02-08T15-35-52

  • Added: Three road speed types (slow, medium and fast)
  • Added: Vehicle collision prevention system
  • Added: Vehicle debug info system
  • Added: New module unblock type “clamp” to allow extreme compact infrastructure designs
  • Added: Finances window
  • Added: Visual map paths, together with direction and speed indicators
  • Added: Write saved game info to XML file (name of save game, zoom level, camera position)


Version 2014-02-05T13-18-04

  • added: algorithms to check for module collisions with other modules, invalid terrain height profile and trees
    (keep in mind, that P1SIM modules are not necessarily rectangular, thus it is not a simple rectangle vs rectangle collision check and the unblocked tiles of a module can be partly unblocked too; this system offers the possibility for highly efficient use of space)
  • changed: modules are assigned to chunks (areas that are smaller than the nearly unlimited map); only modules of relevant chunks are used for collision checks and rendering



Version 2014-01-12T20-06-16

  • added: algorithms to calculate the vertices of modules to be checked against existing modules on the map and current height profile of the map; in other words: which parts of the rectangular module can be skipped when checking for collisions
  • changed: integrated new sound engine (this led to a remarkable increase of code lines)

2014-01-12T20-06-13 2014-01-12T20-06-16

Version 2013-09-21T21-58-44

  • note: term “manual” refers to the in-game manual
  • added: in-game manual editing (delete/edit screenshots and texts incl. line breaks and hyperlinks; insert new texts/screenshots)
  • added: manual screenshot tool (change screenshot height with mouse wheel)
  • added: remember authors of manual texts and write them into the credits below the corresponding manual help page

2013-09-21T21-59-02 2013-09-21T21-58-33 2013-09-21T21-59-16